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Jonathan Creek is a guide to the digital future who introduces individuals, teams and industries to proven, performance based strategies and frameworks that ensure businesses remain relevant, connected and aligned.

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Discover what makes Jonathan a unique Speaker and how he can help your team thrive even in uncertain times. 


Our team went from "scared to be on camera" to "can't wait to get started."

Unlike any other session around social media and content I have ever witnessed. 

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Jonathan Creek is an Award winning Investigative journalist who has travelled the globe telling made telling other people's stories for maximum impact an art form. 

From natural disasters to Hollywood for close to two decades across TV, Film and Advertising. 

Despite the attraction to Television,  He'll tell you his greatest work is the last decade, time that he has spent researching the most popular digital content on the internet and dissecting how influences human behaviours.

'There is a fulfilment,  like nothing I have ever experienced before, when I help an underdog to out perform and out market a big spending brand ' - Jonathan Creek 

  • Digital Strategist

  • Brand Story Coach

  • Video Marketing Guide

Ensure you and your teams are properly prepared to not only adapt, but thrive in the new, digital dominant, world.

Jonathan is a published Author, TEDX speaker and Leading Authority on:

  • Viral communications and Influential content

  • Building Individual and Business Brand identities and Stories that attract and connect with real humans.

  • Transforming businesses into efficient and effective, Content driven media first companies. 

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“Content isn't King, it's Currency.

And the more people you can equip with the skills to do it right, the faster you will surpass all the goals in your business"

Jonathan Creek - REIWA Conference

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