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You already know that to be successful online it comes down to the quality of your content.

But did you realise it's the response you trigger to your content that makes the biggest impact?

Like you, Jonathan Creek, the creator of the Virable formula and author of Like, Comment, Share, Buy. knows that great content can skyrocket returns for your business but viral content launches your brand into the stratosphere.

So how do you create content that spreads like wildfire across the internet?

Jonathan has cracked the code to what makes videos spread.

The type people can't wait to watch, triggers them to engage, motivates them to share and ultimately makes them instinctively keen to buy... only from you.

In his high energy, interactive keynotes your audience will not only discover the 'secret formula' discovered by dissecting more than 1200 viral videos, but they will be able to apply it immediately.

He's worked with start ups and entrepreneurs through to some of Australia's top 200 listed companies.

Jonathan's even worked with start ups until they became ASX 200 listed and onto global juggernauts.

All the time challenging and inspiring new thinking, new ideas and new ways to create and share contagious content that outperforms the competition.


Author of globally released Like, Comment, Share, Buy, Jonathan is an award winning investigative journalist, former TV reporter and TED speaker.    


Described as a master of story, suspense and mind blowing insights on stage...Jonathan delivers what he shares. Before you know it he's hi-jacked your attention, blocked out all your distractions and has you instinctively ready to take action.









Enjoy a Real Hollywood Thriller

Be left on the edge of your seat waiting to find out how the Academy award winning Director of Titanic and Avatar, James Cameron provided a pivotal missing piece to the viral video puzzle.

Be Enthralled by the Brain Science

The Human body, especially the brain and how it works is one of the greatest mysteries.

For example, why understanding how a human brain behaves when we are drowning has everything to do with social media success. 

Inspired by the Insights 

Leave with everything you need to take massive action immediately.

Knowledge, Structure and Belief 

Motivated make a massive Impact

Jonathan will prove that all need is the insider's knowledge he provides and your MOBILE phone. Your audience will immediately forget all the excuses that have been holding them back for years. 


"When you've made 100 videos and they haven't worked, do you keep making 100 more?  

Of course NOT. Most people quit when their first video falls short. 

BUT...We know Moving pictures Move people, so if yours aren't, then there's a gap in what you're creating. The Virable formula shows us which piece is missing so we can address it, fill it and have your videos spreading across the inter- webs."

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The scene of the Hollywood thriller... 




The Power to choose is in your hands.

Have Jonathan perform his high impact, actual 17 minute TED Talk through to an expertly crafted 60 minute keynote. 

Jonathan will thoughtfully craft the performance for maximum impact on your audience ensuring it is not only a unique experience but one that is long remembered. 

Packed full of real, original stories that address relevant problems and challenges delivered alongside relatable strategies and solutions that deliver your audience the results they are looking for.




Enhance the lessons learnt from the inspiring keynote with a fully interactive master class. In these 1 hour, Half day and Full day tailored programs Jonathan will have everyone creating Virable videos packed full of Spread Factor.

This 'hands on' session has your audience working with the ground breaking 'Virable formula' , not just learning about it. A Spread factor Master class takes your audience on a journey where they get to experience the power of Virable content first hand...and then apply it to experience the difference.  

Designed to accelerate learnings and the adaptation of key elements consistent across high performance content, attendees will left with an unfair advantage when it comes to attracting the right kind of attention and triggering the responses that sees their message spread.   



Capture and continue the momentum  

Video is the future of marketing and your event has already provided the keys to the fastest car on the track...Now it's time to teach them to drive in all kinds of conditions. 

Virable's Elevate programme will continue to challenge everyone in your organisation. For the first time you and your team will be able to continually create content that captures the 'zeitgeist' of your industry and the mood of your customers, making you the go to brand they trust. 

Elevate covers all elements of the Spread Factor formula ensuring everyone has the ability to deliver the most viral message in the most viable format possible.

Using a variety of interactive activities, quick reference visual reminders and real life video experience from ideation to actual creation. Virable's 'Elevate' programme is immersive, measurable and focused on long term sustainable dominant, growth. 


How Jonathan helps spread your message


Personalised Promo Video from Jonathan for you to post ahead of the event.







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