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Stay silent and you'll soon be forgotten.

Get it right and a whole new era awaits.


Discover the crucial differences between content that spreads wildly across the internet and videos and posts that nobody watches or reads. 

It starts with brain science and ends with the algorithms but in the middle is the part you control. 


Your audience will walk away with mind blowing insights into content and how it can be engineered to influence human decision making.

Whether it's gaining Likes,

Stimulating a community around comments,

Activating people to Share

or getting them to all starts here.  


Your people will leave with their minds buzzing with a fresh understanding of:

- The steps to avoid that lead to "ghost" posts that are irrelevant and ignored. 

- The damage boring and despised "Vanilla" corporate videos can cause.

- But also with a new found confidence of what it is they need to do to create the kinds of

  videos that go Viral. 

And the best bit...they can achieve it all from their mobile phone. 


The Virable formula is unique in that it applies differently to each and every person in your business. Like their DNA, this is a journey to unlock the code to the Stories they need to be telling, when and how, in order to hi-jack attention and dominate their market.


Lockdowns and Travel bans have changed the way we work. 

Technology uptake has advanced 5 years in just 20 months. 

Zoom calls, automations and software integrations have all found a way into our world. 

Golden rules of business are being broken and transactions, unimaginable in the past, are becoming the new normal.

Houses are selling where the buyer has never stepped inside. 

Students are learning from Teacher's they've never met 

And deals are being done absent of the customary handshake. 

The future is never far fact in business terms it's moving towards us faster than ever before.  

What changes do you need to be making in order to remain relevant?

What changes have you made in this hectic time that are hurting your business, now an into the future? 

And as things begin to return to normal, how far do you revert back to the way things used to be?

These are all important elements to consider and it's a fine balance we all need to navigate. 

It is this balance that Jonathan expertly explores in his newest Keynote "Humans vs Robots".

The pro's and cons of improving business efficiencies but ensuring they don't come at the price of no longer being human.   

New technology can be exciting and fun but before you adopt it you first have fully understand how it affects the relationships you have with your customers, staff and competition. 


The purpose of technology and new digital products is to advance things but jumping into the latest shiny tech without properly understanding its impact can be damaging. 


In this session individuals and companies will learn: 

- The traps for business that come with new technologies and emerging trends.

- How to evaluate and best leverage the changes that build customer relationships. (Avoiding your most important assets thinking "Am I just another number?" )

- How to attract attention, build trust and nurture a community of raving fans by deploying the 3 R's of modern marketing critical to remaining on the radar of your most loyal customers. 

- Identify and evaluate Future trends that will impact your industry and the way you will be doing business moving forward.  

This Keynote challenges traditional thinking and inspires your team to embrace change. Leaving them both motivated and stimulated about the best path forward.  

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