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Hijack Attention.

Share infectious Stories.

Connect with more people.

Sell more of what you Offer.


The world has changed.

The way we connect and communicate has also changed.

Simply pressing the red button on your phone and talking into the camera is no longer enough to capture the attention of the people you need to run a successful business. 

Social media and the internet is a noisy, saturated and competitive environment.

To WIN you need to stand out.

You need an unfair advantage.

Well, there is a formula to attracting more than your fair share of attention and a science to triggering greater levels of engagement.

And the secret to both is present in every video that goes viral.

Sounds strange, but it's true. Viral videos are the alpha predator of human attention on the internet so if you are going to learn you better learn from the best. 

I've spent the last 8 years dedicated to dissecting more that 1200 viral videos to help me understand exactly what it is that makes them spread. 

And now I'm sharing my findings and highly successful approach so that anyone can not only attract more views but more engagement and more buyers without having to spend the corporate sized budgets of big brands.

It truly is an unfair advantage. 

Interested to know more?  

LEARN the foundations right now, FREE. 

OR Book a call to see if we can help you overcome those hurdles and start to succeed the way you have always dreamed of.


Using our formula

THIS sports brand started creating content that out performed their own PAID posts!


  • 300% increase in engagement

  • 30% increase in Sales 

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